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Philippe Faraut

ARC Living Master TM

French teacher, sculptor, furniture designer and woodcarver

Born 1963

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PHILIPPE FARAUT received his degree in woodcarving and the construction of French fine furniture from Germain Sommeillier in Annecy, France, his boyhood home. An avid traveler, Philippe's destinations have allowed him the opportunity to study the cultures of many countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Caribbean, thus influencing his work in portraiture. After establishing residence in the US in 1992, he developed an interest in modeling the head in clay.

Philippe has created numerous original works ranging from six-inch porcelain figurines to monuments in both stone and bronze. He has exhibited his sculptures in various galleries and national competitions including several of the National Sculpture Society's Annual Exhibitions shown in New York City and Brookgreen Gardens, South Carolina, as well as the American Portrait Society's Annual Exhibit in New York City and the Art Renewal Center's Annual Competition.

During the past twenty years, Philippe has taught seminars on modeling the head and figure in clay throughout the United States, Canada and France at private studios and institutions such as the Longview Museum of Fine Art in Texas and the Grand Central Academy in New York City.

Together with his wife Charisse, the couple has made Philippe's techniques available to students in the form of four video productions, in addition to two instructional text books.

The Art of Sculpting DVD Volume 1: Children (2000 PCF Studios, Inc.)
The Art of Sculpting DVD Volume 2: Expression (2001 PCF Studios, Inc.)
The Art of Sculpting DVD Volume 3: Men (2007 PCF Studios, Inc.)
Techniques of Sculpture: Geometry in the Clay Portrait (2011 PCF Studios, Inc.)

Portrait Sculpting: Anatomy & Expressions in Clay (2004 PCF Studios, Inc.)
Mastering Portraiture: Advanced Analyses of the Face Sculpted in Clay (2009 PCF Studios, Inc.)

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