Yang Yu-Tang

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Yang Yu-Tang

ARC Associate Living Master TM

Chinese 21st Century Realist artist

Born 1956



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Contact info for Yang Yu-tang:
E-mail: penart.cn@msn.com

Yang Yu-tang, a Penart artist, was born in Chung-chuen, a city in the northeast region of China. Chung-chuen is a mid-size, fruitful city with four distinctive seasons. The people are prosperous and lead a nice easy life.

Because of the influence of his family, Yang started painting at the age of nine. Soon his talent in painting was noticeable.

In 1970 he enrolled in a well respected local middle school, and was responsible for the school' public relation and publication. During this period he studied many art books and practiced tirelessly by copying famous artist' work.

In 1972 he failed the entrance exam to an art college.

In 1975 he graduated high school and was sent to work in a farmer camp during the culture revolution era.

In 1979 he failed on a second entrance exam to an art college where upon he then started working for a design firm in Chung-chuen. Later after several unsuccessful attempts to gain admissions to an art school he gave up on the idea of formal academy training and focused on self-training to become an artist. His art work and research focused on pen work. As the local design firm he worked for required all their presentations and layouts in pen, his Penart skills just naturally flourished.

In 1990 Yang initiated the research of Penart.

In 1992 Yang went to Japan to study art where he was deeply taken by the Japanese artist intensive and perfectionist way of training.

In 1993 Yang returned to China, quit his long term nice and easy designer job and became a full-time free lance artist. Yang set out on a journey traveling around China; seeing the people and studying the landscapes for eight years.

In 2002 he returned to Chung-chuen and started to create his own work, pouring out the images of the people and landscapes of China that touched him.

In 2004 he published two books called " Analysis of Penart Technique" and " of Penart", during that same year he held a personal exhibition in Chung-chuen which was a big success at the China Art Gallery.

In Sep. 2004, " Yang Realist Penart Picture Show" was held in China gallery.

Yang' effort and research in Penart has helped promote Penart to a new level of awareness independent from other methods of art.