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Jesse Gledhill

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Canadian 21st Century Realist artist

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Contact Info for G. Jesse Gledhill:
Address: Hand of Man Studio Gallery
195 Janette, upper
Windsor, Ontario
Canada N9A 4Y9

G. Jesse Gledhill believes that while one doesn't always begin one's working life as an artist, one can nevertheless be born an artist. As in his case, it sometimes takes years of various jobs before one attains the possibility of dedicating life to art. As a youth, survival precluded even the thought of artistic inclination.

Jesse's work portrays the human experience. The same essential emotional complexities exist now as they did when man first painted a cave wall; something essential was being said about the nature of man. Jesse's technical accomplishment brings this idea to the audience even when the psychological aspects may remain latent to the viewer. The means whereby all of us adjudicate the world in which we live are intellectual and emotional. An intellectual response is learned, whereas emotion is innate and Jesse's work is a vector which appeals to the latter. This self-taught artist has combined several 'isms' to end up with a style of his own and his challenge is to be revealing rather than merely novel.

Jesse is also a member of: Ontario Society of Artists (osa) and Society of Canadian Artists (sca).

Jesse now lives and works in Windsor, Ontario, Canada on the border of Detroit, MI, USA; many years of post university travel have provided subject matter for much of his work.