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George Hartley

ARC Living Artist TM

American 21st Century Realist

Born 1933

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Phone: 508-947-6493

George Hartley wanted to be a artist from his earliest years. Childhood memories recall copying the Sunday comics, gazing at his mother's Maxfield Parrish prints on the wall, Norman Rockwell's Saturday Evening Post covers, and N.C. Wyeth's illustrations for the Scribner Classics. He used to go to the Boston Public Library to admire Edwin Austin Abbey's murals depicting the Quest for the Holy Grail.

After a stint in the navy, then years of construction and logging, George decided to fulfill his life-long dream, and joined the atelier of Paul Ingbretson. Over the next five years Paul introduced him to the masters of the past and their methods. George also attended occasional classes with Numael Pulido, who taught Renaissance methods. George traveled to museums around the world to study the great masters.

"In my work I try to convey the innocent beauty of youth and the dignity of age. I feel that my still lifes evoke an aura of nostalgia. Ive always been inspired by the 17th century Dutch masters and the paintings of William Harnett."

George has been accepted by the Art Renewal Center as an ARC living Artist. He is also a member of the Copley Society of Art and holds the title of Copley Artist. He is enrolled in their Portrait Registry. He is a member of the Southern Vermont Art Center, where he has had solo exhibits. George has had numerous portrait commissions. A number of his still life paintings and copies of the Old Masters hang in private collections.