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American 21st Century Realist artist, author and musician

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Being a painter, musician and author, sight, sound and words are the tools of Stuart Dunkel's expression. He began painting at age five and at age seven he began studying music. The very discipline of formal training has always appealed to him and he has dedicated his life to the in-depth study of them. Dunkel studied music and art at Boston University, Mannes College of Music, the Juilliard School (Doctorate), and art at the Boston Museum School, Kent State, the Academy of Realist Art, the Seattle Academy of Art as well as privately with respected teachers. After all that he still feels that he is self-taught.

His breakthrough moment in art was when it was revealed to him that music and art were made up of the same ideas. Conceptual juxtaposition has always been his gift. "Rhythm, harmony, counterpoint, balance, contrast, scales, chromatism, keys, high and low, dark and bright, loud and soft, colorful and dull, jumbled in my minds eye - all the polarities in the arts and indeed in life itself! I have the ability to think of a scene or object and project it on my minds screen and then draw and paint from it."

"I usually enjoy the darkest of backgrounds in my still life paintings as it affords the eye the most comfortable place to perceive reality at its beginning. The great Netherlands artist of the 16th century knew this, and many of the most beautiful images are set against a blackish backdrop. This perception enforces my belief that nothing exists until light is draped over it. From the nothingness of black we build up to the perceived objects. As in love, we create the feeling the other inspires in us. As in art, we create the feeling to inspire the others in us. In other words, we must think of the consequences of our actions and what results each brushstroke communicates.

Recently I fell in love with landscape painting. I don't know if being out in the elements surrounded by God, the slight tweaking of composition that is already set up for me, or how free I can be with my palette of colors that inspired me. My concept seems to be a combination of the lush Hudson River School and the compositional elements of the California Impressionists. I don't censor what emerges from my brush as much as I do with my still life and with that I find great freedom."

Books Available On this Artist:
An Artist's Life: Insights into the paintings of Stuart Dunkel

Current galleries

Howard/Mandville Gallery, Kirkland, WA
Churchill Gallery, Newburyport, MA
Scottsdale Fine Art, Scottsdale, AZ
Isherwood Gallery, Newport, RI
The Copley Society of Boston
The Sporting Gallery, Middleburg, VA
J. Todd Galleries, Wellesley, MA
Gallery of Graphic Art, NYC, NY
Renjeau Gallery, Concord and Natick, MA


Formal Education: Boston University, Boston Museum School, and Academy of Realist Art
Seminars and private study with;
Still Life: Joel C. Jones, Danial Sprick , Helen Van Wyke, Academy of Realist Art (Seattle) , Karen Winslow, Scott Fraser, Dennis Cheaney, Tom Ouellette, Denise Mickilowski, Gayle Levee, Andrew Kusmin
Landscape: Sergio Roffo, Joe McGurl, Donald Demers, and Robert Douglas Hunter
Figure: Museum of Fine Arts: Boston, Tom Ouellette, Karen Winslow, Charles Emerson
Drawing: Jinda Mulvey, Maggie Fitzpatrick, Robert Andros, Joan Cavanaugh

Experience and Awards

Art Renewal Center, Honorable mention in the Still life category, 2009, 2011 Finalist in the animal category
Capturing Realism 2011 Pauly Friedman Gallery, Dallas, PA, through the AnthonyWachulis Invitational
The Guild of Boston Artists: NE Representational competition
silver medal winner The Copley Society, Members Summer Show Competition, Sizzle, First Prize winner, July 2008
The Guild of Boston Artists, New England Representational Competition, Silver Medal winner, October 2007, 2010, 2011
Copley Society of Boston, The Crisp Award, best of show, A-Z, November 2007
Westford Art Show, prize winner, Westford, MA, 2004
Gallery Demonstration and On-line Demonstration, Churchill Gallery 2006-2007
Salmagundi Club, 2005 Realist Competition, New York, NY
Guest lecturer, Wellesley college, Art and Anxiety, Wellesley, MA 2006-2007
Co-operative member Depot Square Gallery, Lexington, MA
Guest lecturer, Art and Management, Cambridge art association
Lunch with the Artist, Depot Square Gallery, Lexington, MA: Presentation on setting up the still-life
Board member, Cambridge art association
Lecturer, Art and Composition, Depot Square Gallery

Books and Related Products

In this book, ARC Living Artistâ„¢ Stuart Dunkel shares his insights into the painting process. In his experience as an oil painter he has found that painting has three dimensions: the technical, creative and spiritual.