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He Lihuai

ARC Living Master TM

Chinese 21st Century Realist artist

Born in Chongqing, China



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Mr. He Lihuai was born in Chongqing in 1961. He worked as an art designer at Capital Museum from 1985 to 1996 after receiving Art of Bachelor degree in oil painting at Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts in 1984. As a member of Beijing Artists Association and a professional artist, He has been honored as a very talented oil painter in contemporary China.

Artistic career: 1989-2013
He's paintings have been exhibited regularly at home and abroad as well as at the art sales held by the organizations like Baoli and Zhongding, many of which have been kept by domestic and overseas art lovers.
1989 - Two Tibetan Women was selected into the 7th National Artworks Exhibition.
1990 - Participating in WARD-NASS GALLERY Exhibition (N.Y. USA) and INTERNATIONAL GALLERY Exhibition (Seattle WA. USA).
1991 - Earth - to Those Who Take Action participated in Sing for the Earth Exhibition by I.A.P, awarded with "unique style prize" and permanently collected by MUSEUM DE LA COMMANDERIE D UNET MODEN ART of France.
1992 - Tibetan Woman was selected into Chinese Oil Painting Exhibition.
Attending "the Navigating Lighthouse" Exhibition by I.A.P (La Sorbonne, Paris, sponsored by the mayor of Paris)
Flowers was selected into the 1st Chinese Oil Painting Exhibition of Still Life.
1993 - Slanting Sunshine was selected into the 13th international arts competition in September by ALEXANDRIA MUSEUM (L.A.USA, judged by the assistant curator of the Metropolitan Museum).
The copperplate etching work was selected into DEL BELLE GALLERY Exhibition (Toronto, Canada)
New Home was selected into the 8th National Artworks Exhibition.

In 1996, He was invited to visit South Africa, joining South African Watercolor Association and choosing CRAKE ART GALLERY as the agent to handle his works' participation in annual exhibition by South African Watercolor Association.
In 2008, He had his first collection, A Selection of Works by He Lihuai - a Great Oil Painter in Contemporary China, published by Tianjin Yangliuqing Group.
In 2009, He attended "ART HK".
In 2010, Tibetans' Heads Series participated in "Focus - Representational Oil Paintings in Contemporary China" Exhibition organized by China Visual Arts Gallery.
In 2010, D N A participated in a series show themed on "Tibet, Love and Harmony".
In 2011, He's works were displayed in "Slight Collision" Exhibition by the First Sound Gallery (798, Beijing). New Vision introduced He Lihuai and his works.
In 2012, He took part in a joint exhibition themed on "Concrete Beauty" of Zhang Li, Li Shijin and He Lihuai.
In 2013, Huaxia Fine Arts introduced He Lihuai and his works.
Besides, domestic journals like Art Consultation, Artist, Almanac of Chinese Art Collection, domestic and overseas newspapers including Culture, Art Market, Southwester, SUD OUEST and LE PETIT BLEU all published works by He Lihuai.

Comments by Chinese art critic,Wang Duanyun, professor of Chinese Academy of Arts
In today's art world, where the conceptionism, photography and image art prevail, He Lihuai, with his flaming zeal for realistic painting, successfully explores his own style - symbolic and imaginative. His work is the product of self awareness. He uses his subtle language of classic realism to describe beautiful and lonely maidens, and creates a surreal dream world through imaginary space and non-reproductive color, expressing the loneliness and melancholy of contemporary people and their aspiration to escape from reality.