Roger Dale Brown

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Roger Dale Brown

ARC Associate Living Master TM

American 21st Century Realist artist

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Originally from Nashville, Roger now resides in Franklin Tennessee. Avid about traveling he is compelled to explore regions and subjects that capture his interest. Roger has made it his lifeʼs study to gather and understand information from these special places. This expands his knowledge of nature, history, architecture and culture, which inspires him to create his poignant oil paintings.


Crediting historical artists, such as John Carlson, Isaac Levitan and John Singer Sargent for their example. Roger has developed his own unique voice in his art. He spends countless hours painting on location or from life capturing important nuances of a scene, day, or an object, which is vital to his successes in the studio. Roger embodies

the emotion of the scene he is painting by drawing on his knowledge and his decication to art.


A Message From Roger

My inspiration has always been nature and the outdoors, to include marine and coastal scenes. Although I love exploring different subjects, such as, city scape’s, figurative and still life’s, I always come back to my passion of nature. 


I stay true to my heart and paint what touches me, not what the market asks for. I hope that is evident when you see one of my paintings, that you see what truly touched me at that moment. My artwork has my heart and soul in it.



I invariably work and experiment to create different effects and designs in my work. I  explore technique and conceptualizing different ways to achieve an idea. This keeps my paintings fresh and always moving in a unique direction. I practice my craft daily in addition to gathering knowledge about the world around me. I believe because of this way of working, I am able to present the best art work I can.


Oil Painters of America, Master Status

Plein Air South Convention, Keynote Speaker


Salmagundi Club, American Masters Show

International ARC Salon, Finalist

American Society of Marine Painters, Signature Status


ARC Associate Living Master

International ARC Salon, Finalist

Published "A Passion for Painting" Book


International ARC Salon, Finalist

Plein Air Convention, Featured Speaker

Published "Organize & Paint The Woodland Inerior Landscape " Instructional DVD


International ARC Salon, Finalist

Chinese Cultural Exchange Program


American Impressionist Society, National Juried Exhibition - Artist Choice & Honorable Mention Awards


Purchase Award, Avalon Museum, Easton, MD

Best of Show, Barnes and Farms, Barnsite Gallery


Gold Metal Winner Hudson Valley Art Association