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Charlene Helfend Lane

ARC Living Artist TM

American 21st Century Realist artist

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Telephone: (949) 887-0781

Charlene's first heroes were the traditional artists she saw in books and museums. Winning an art award at the age of nine confirmed her desire to be an artist. However, life brought her a different experience. As a young woman she married and created a beautiful family. It was only when her children went to school that she began the quest of developing her art education. To her disappointment, the skills necessary to achieve the beautiful images she hoped to create were not being taught. It seemed as if the art world had succumbed to strange images that lacked visual understanding. That was highlighted when in a college art class she was critiqued by her contemporaries as painting "too pretty". She was told that "art had to be tough and different".

Although not satisfying, she began to produce large contemporary works that won awards and were represented in galleries. After the family moved she discovered a small art school in Laguna Beach, CA. that taught traditional skills. That was the beginning of her artistic development. Through the years that followed she traveled thoughout the United States and Europe to study with modern master painters such as David Leffel, William Whittaker, Jeffry Watts, Morgan Weistling, Jove Wang and others. She traveled to great museums striving to learn what the masters knew. Studying Russian masters in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kasan she became influenced by artists Repin and Fechin. She continues her quest to learn how to better express her visions.

Today she says "I have learned to see through the eyes of an artist and the view is extraordinary." Her love of people and nature dictates what she paints. She creates a story conceived with passion using traditional skills that bring her the joy she has been searching for.

She has participated in juried shows including The United Nations, Geneva, Switzerland. Her work has been seen in museums and galleries. Her portrait commissions and other art has been collected in the United States and Europe. Charlene has been accepted by the Art Renewal Center as an ARC Living Artist. She is a member of the Oil Painters Association, The Portrait Society and The California Art Club.