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Gregory Hildebrandt

ARC Living Master TM

American 21st Century Realist

Born 1939

Born in Detroit, Michigan

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Greg Hildebrandt and his identical twin brother, Tim, were born in Detroit, Michigan in 1939. Both boys were avid artists from a young age and carried their artistic passion with them throughout their childhoods.

After attending the Meinzinger Art School at age 18, Greg and Tim worked for the Jam Handy Organization, an industrial film production corporation. They worked on animated training films for the auto industry, the military, and major US corporations. In 1963, they moved from Detroit to New York City to work for Arch Bishop Fulton J. Sheen. The brothers created art for his weekly TV show, 'Life is Worth Living', and produced films on world hunger.

In 1975, Greg and Tim illustrated the first of a series of Lord of the Rings calendars for Ballantine Books. This series launched them into international fame with over a million calendars sold, and the name The Brothers Hildebrandt® was born! In 1977, Lucas Films hired the Brothers Hildebrandt to create the movie poster for first Star Wars film, Star Wars: A New Hope.

Since the age of 8, Greg was drawn to both pin-up art and cars. He remembers his grandfather's pin-up calendars, which were illustrated by the great, Gil Elvgren. The style and rendering of those paintings intrigued him and inspired him. In 1999, Greg decided he would pursue his lifelong dream of painting pin-up.

Within weeks of finishing his first pin-up painting, 'Emerald Evening', Greg landed a one-man show at the Meisel Gallery in Soho, New York. For the next year, all Greg painted was beautiful women in retro clothes and settings, thus the 'American Beauties' series was born. The 'American Beauties' collection has unique subsets. There are good girls, bad girls, show-girls, girls with boats and planes, and girls with guns and cars. Each of these paintings has a story to tell. As of 2016, are over 100 paintings in this series.

Since 2003, Greg has been the exclusive artist for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra (TSO). He creates all the art for their tours and their merchandise. This is very special to Greg as he loves their music and is very close to Paul O'Neill, the creator of TSO.

In 2015, Greg had the opportunity to return to Star Wars after 20 years for Marvel Comics. He painted three new pieces for them for the "Star Wars: The Marvel Years" compendium covers. He has since painted Deadpool, Old Man Logan, Secret Wars, Guardians of the Galaxy, Black Panther, X-Men, and Captain America comic covers for Marvel, and cannot wait to do more!

As Greg likes to say:
"So little time! So much to paint! I hope you enjoy my art as much as I enjoy painting it."