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Gulay Berryman received her art training at the Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts de Versailles, France, the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, Milan, Italy and the Ecole du Louvre in Paris, France.

She has exhibited in France, Iceland, Senegal, Mauritius, Italy, Oman, Belgium, Switzerland, and the United States. These included exhibitions at the American Cultural Center in Reykjavik; as the official U.S. Participant to the 1992 Int’l Exhibition for Human Rights, Goree Island, Senegal; and at the Salon des Independents, Paris.

She twice won the American Embassy Paris Art Show (2001-02).  In 2005, she was invited to participate in the prestigious biennial in Florence, Italy which gathers between 800-900 artists selected from around the world.

Gulay was a finalist in the SEETAL 2006 Art Competition by Kunst-Forum-Int’l in Switzerland.  Her paintings were chosen in 2008 and 2009 for the poster of Williamsburg’s "An Occasion for the Arts". Gulay participated in the U.S. Biennial Artist’s Exhibition at the Broadway Gallery, New York in 2010.  Her artwork was featured in the 2011and 2013 editions of "International Contemporary Artists".

She served as a judge for both "Art on the Square" and "An Occasion for the Arts" in 2013 and as a juror in 2014 for "Art at the River" in Yorktown.

Gulay is the owner/director of the Williamsburg Art Gallery located on Merchants Square in historic downtown Williamsburg.  In 2017, Williamsburg Art Gallery was nominated Best in Virginia and one of the 25 Best Art Galleries & Museums in America by American Art Awards (

Artist Statement

Art has been my way of acknowledging the world around me.  I have always been a very visual person from a young age but the inspiration to paint and preserve on canvas my impressions of places, people, and events was certainly intensified by foreign travel.   The more you see as an artist, the more your imagination is unleashed, the stronger the feeling that there are images in your mind that you must put to canvas.  An artist has many of the same creative urges as writers or inventors but they use lines, form and color to express themselves instead of words or the sciences.   At times, I have been motivated to paint panoramas which I have viewed frequently over long periods of time.  Yet ironically, I have also been inspired by just the opposite; by leisurely moments in time during a walk in the streets of a large city or by fleeting glimpses of happenings which have often challenged my faculties of artistic recall.   Alternatively, a work has sometimes evolved as a result of a mix of impressions gathered over different times and places but which still urged me to create a painting from a composite image forming in my mind.  An artist’s medium is their chosen mode of expressing themselves and their view of the world to the public.  Life experiences and travel, whether near or far, will always provide the visual inspiration for me to want to paint.