Listening to His Sweet Pipings

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John William Waterhouse


, Victorian Romanticist painter and draftsman

Listening to His Sweet Pipings

68.6 x 109.2 cms | 27 x 43 ins
Oil on canvas

Collection of M.S.Rau Antiques

| United States

A woman lies distraught among nature. A mythical pan piper plays to the girl in a vain attempt to comfort her. This painting is a good example of how Waterhouse can capture a sense of self-reflection in a figure's countenance and eyes. The viewer can tell that even though our subject is looking out, she is not looking at anything in particular, just deep in thought with a glazed expression on her face. Other great examples of this can be seen in both his works of Ophelia, one painted in 1894 and the other in 1910 and also 'I am Half Sick of Shadows' another version he did of the Lady of Shallot.
-- Kara Ross