Merchants Square in the Late Afternoon, Williamsburg

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Gulay Berryman

Merchants Square in the Late Afternoon, Williamsburg

61 x 121.9 cms | 24 x 48 ins

'Merchants Square in the Late Afternoon',

 oil on canvas,  24 x 48 in.

Merchants Square is one of my favorite places in Colonial Williamsburg, an iconic location which has come  to symbolize so much about our community.    I love watching people and this is the best place in town to do this as you have such an amazing variety - visiting tourists, students from nearby William & Mary, local residents walking their dogs, businessmen, shopkeepers in Colonial-era costumes.  This is where they are all brought together for different reasons.    I chose to do a painting depicting the square in the late afternoon as this is my favorite time of day here.   The sunlight is very special, the air begins to turn cool, people rest on benches after a full day of sightseeing or shopping and they pause to decide what to do next -drinks or dinner at the Fat Canary or Trellis, perhaps followed by a performance at the Kimball Theatre.   The time before the sun goes down can be a very magical moment.