La vie en rose

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Laurence Saunois

born 1966

La vie en rose

70 x 50 cms | 27 1/2 x 19 1/2 ins
Oil on canvas

I like birds and to paint a flamingo with its plumage so characteristic was a real pleasure. To do it, I used all nuances of the range of pink, going from the white to the almost red pink. To realize the most delicate and the finest feathers, I used a feather of bird as brush. The flamingo is the symbol in France of a vast wet zone in edge of the Mediterranean Sea: the Camargue. It’s a big wealth of the fauna and the flora because above all the delta of the Rhône is source of a sensitive and vulnerable life. To observe hundreds of pink flamingos is an incredible show. - Art and the Animal" -Society of Animal Artists Exhibition - San Diego Natural History Museum Californie 2010