Foot of the Bed

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Robbie Fitzpatrick

Foot of the Bed

18 x 13 cms | 7 x 5 ins

This is a painting of Makena, the younger of our 2 Rhodesian Ridgebacks.  When I walked into our bedroom that sunny morning, there she was in her favorite spot, "the foot  of our bed," with sunlight pouring in through the window, casting incredible shadows through the carved headboard and putting half of her face in dramatic shadow.   I didn't    have my camera, and I didn't know how long she'd remain still. I held up my hand with a  "STAY" and she did....while I fumbled for my cell phone.  I snapped several shots and     chose my favorite picture;  then I edited out a couple of unnecessary things and ....went to work.  It was truly a labor of love