You Mean I Wasn't That Important: Am I Still on Hold?

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1968 KBs

Charles Gilbert Kapsner

born 1952


You Mean I Wasn't That Important: Am I Still on Hold?


132.1 x 45.7 cms | 52 x 18 ins
Oil on panel

In Vanitas painting, the skull is symbolic of man/mankind. This painting puts him on a pedestal where he thinks he is, in the order of nature, the “top dog”. The drapery makes it even more formal with all the trappings; the colors having various meanings. The dried flowers represent the fleeting moment of life. Then of course there is the ubiquitous cell phone, representative of any such device that keeps us connected. In reality the more reliant we become on things the less connected and away from our daily environment and personal contact we become. We have become extensions of technology instead of the other way around, with peace, solitude and respectfulness increasingly engaged in a losing battle. Really…you mean I wasn’t that important?

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