The Daphnephoria

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Lord Frederick Leighton


Aesthetic, New Sculpture (19th Century British), Olympian Classical Revivalist painter, sculptor, illustrator and writer

The Daphnephoria

c. 1874-c. 1876

226 x 518 cms | 88 3/4 x 203 3/4 ins
Oil on canvas

Lady Lever Art Gallery

Bebington | United Kingdom

The Spectator, February 1st. 1896:

"The Daphnephoria is the epitome of them all, and in the Daphnephoria are figures of rare beauty, draperies matchless in their adaptation to figure, vivid light as of Italy, movement, colour, gladness, everything except that which was only born when Paganism lost its joyousness and its life. For those to whom the classical times are living, and especially the classical times in their decadence, there is in Lord Leighton's work an ineffable charm ..."

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Color study for 'Daphnephoria'

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Study for the Daphnephoria

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Study for the Daphnephoria

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