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6-3-251/3, Abacus Towers, Banjarahills , Hyderabad, India

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The Samsara Academy of Art is India's first atelier dedicated to teaching drawing and painting with methods derived from a classical-realist tradition rooted in the 18th and 19th centuries. The curriculum also addresses the creative endeavors of the artist in the contemporary environment. 

The training program at the Samsara Academy of Art offers full-time, part-time, and workshops in drawing and painting. The school opened its doors in July 2019, to cater to the need for traditional art education in India. 

The program like that of the 18th and 19th century European Academies is based on a systematic progression through classical disciplines of proportion, form, values, composition, color theory, and anatomy. We consider drawing(particularly drawing from nature and models) as the backbone of gaining skills in painting and sculpture. The structure of the course allows the students to progress at their own rate of learning with no time constraints. Advancement is dependent upon the successful completion of the previous level. Student receives individual critiques every day on their current exercise to ensure they are progressing and become familiar with the method of observing and interpreting a subject. Over time, they gain the ability to self-critique a skill necessary for any working professional. 

We believe that our job is to teach the means of making art, not the ends. Through our curriculum, we hope to give each student the fundamental skills they need to express their own creative ideas.

The model room and studios are set up so that the students work with a single light source on their projects whether it is the figure, portraits, casts, or still life.

Samsara Academy of Art is planning on giving lectures about academic art all around India this year to spread information more about its history and how it is relevant that artists today learn the fundamentals properly.


Full-Time Program

Along with the regular courses at the academy we have seminars and lectures on different ways to prepare materials, priming and preparing different supports for painting and drawing, the business of art, taking photographs, creating websites, etc.


Admissions are given to students after a portfolio and essay submission. All the classes are taught in English and the students are required to have basic English skills. The current capacity of the school is 30 students and after all the places are filled, extra applications will be part of a waitlist.

Applications are accepted online through the website.

We also provide help with arranging accommodation for students.

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Founded 2019
Course languages (Check multiple if applicable) English
Part-Time Instructors 2
Full-Time Instructors 4
Students 30
Accommodation Yes

Full time: USD 4750 / year

Samsara Academy of Art

6-3-251/3, Abacus Towers, Banjarahills

Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Ayuesh Agarwal


Born in India in 1991, Ayuesh Agarwal was self-taught until he started training in 2013 at the Florence Academy of Art and later at the Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art in 2015. He learned a lot from the constant change and adopted a different perspective from each school.

In 2016, he was accepted to the Barcelona Academy of Art for advanced training in drawing and painting where he also graduated. Within 6 months of study, he was awarded various scholarships from the school including being elected as Assistant Instructor of the Drawing & Painting Programme, Anatomy, and Ecorche. He also conducted a spring workshop on Portrait Drawing at the Barcelona Academy of Art. The traditional training became the backbone of his art education.

In 2017, he won the ARC scholarship and was chosen in Figurativas’17 Competition for the permanent collection of Museu Europeau d’art Modern, Barcelona. He was also selected for International Drawing Competition Ynglada-Guillot Exhibition 2018 at Cam Framis Museum organized by the Reial Acadèmia Catalana de Belles Arts de Sant Jordi and also selected for Mod-Portrait competition 2018, organised by Artelibre, Zaragoza. In 2019, He won ARC Purchase Awards and Second Place Drawing in 14th ARC International Salon Competition

Vaibhav Naik

Principal Instructor

Vaibhav Naik was born in 1992 in Mumbai, India. He currently works as a freelance artist and a painter with a special corner for landscape and travelling. His work is primarily focused on painting from nature while exploring different places and cultures while paying close attention to the beautiful colours harmonies and the play of light and shadow at the moment. He graduated from JJ School of Applied arts and has won various awards including 2nd runner up award at the 4th annual portrait society of India 2019, V.A Mali award for best portrait in professional category at the 127th Bombay Art Society annual art exhibition. His most recent solo exhibition Runanubandha showcasing landscapes from his various travels across India. was held at Bajaj Art Gallery, Mumbai.

Marcel Wissing Boada


Marcel Wissing Boada (1998) is a German artist based in Barcelona, Spain. He graduated from the Barcelona Art Academy in 2021 and specialized in plein air or outdoor painting.

His latest project "Impressions of Barcelona" consists of a series of more than 100 paintings showing fragments of the city through his eyes. He immerses himself in the streets and captures the essence and atmosphere of the place at a given moment.

In 2022 he founded the Barcelona Plein Air group in order to bring artists together to paint outdoors. He is a full-time painter and a professor of landscape painting at the Barcelona Academy of Art. He also teaches private lessons. His work has been exhibited in several galleries and cultural centers in Barcelona and its surrounding areas.

Red Bench

Ayuesh Agarwal, The Bleak Sunset

Ayuesh Agarwal, Olive Kettle and Peach

Ayuesh Agarwal, The Wind Rises

Ayuesh Agarwal, Marcella

Vaibhav Naik, Landscape

Vailbhav Naik, Portrait of Jitu

Vaibhav Naik, Reflection

Nina C Winter - Still Life Painting

Nina C Winther - Figure Painting

Vaibhav Naik - Bargue Drawing (Charcoal)

Daman Gambhir - Pencil Bargue

Cast Drawing

Salony Garg Long Pose

Salony Garg Long Pose

Cast Drawing in Charcoal


Studio Program

Final Crtitiques

Model Room