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11 C. de Méndez Núñez, Madrid, Spain

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We have an amazing -> Scholarship Program for international students <-, make sure you apply for it


-> Double Program - 550h/term - 2295€/term* with scholarship 

-> Full Time Program - 275h/term - 1785€/term* with scholarship

-> Part Time Program - 137h/term - 1485€/term* with scholarship


-> Online Program - from 119€/month


-> Summer Program -  100h/month - 595€/month

-> Easter Program - 25h - 199€

-> Intensive Week Program - 25h - 199€


-> International Artist Workshops (through all year)


MADRID ACADEMY OF ART - The art of teaching art

Our objective is to explore and develop your talent through the knowledge and application of the classic techniques of drawing, painting and sculpture, but breaking the schemes of traditional teaching. With our revolutionary methodology and an average enrollment duration of three years, a spot in our programs will always be open to you.

The MAA is an academy where technique and tradition mix with innovation and creativity.

Our philosophy is based on “learning to learn”. Our efforts are focused on efficiently improving your learning process. To this end, we have developed an ever-changing teaching method that constantly adapts to your needs and pace, so you can maximize your potential.

We feel it is about time for a new and better way to look and explore contemporary art. Our combination of artistic techniques, marketing and business allows you to offset the current art market to find solutions that facilitate a prosperous future for you.

By fostering a radically creative and entrepreneurial culture within our community, together we can make an impact and find sustainable solutions.

The MAA is an academy of values, attitude and learning, of "hard and soft skill" where we model a sustainable future for our artists. A space in which creativity, effort, self-improvement and teamwork are encouraged.

Founded 2021
Course languages (Check multiple if applicable) English,Spanish
Instructors Sandra Glez
Full-Time Instructors 3
Students 36
Accommodation Yes

Part time: EUR 495 / month

Full time: EUR 595 / month

Madrid Academy of Art

11 C. de Méndez Núñez

Madrid, Spain

Sandra Glez


I was born in 1977, in a small town, in Spain. I have a degree in Psychology and I did a Master in HR, another in Digital Marketing and another in Business Administration. I studied for a time at Charles Cecil in Florence, later I returned to Spain and started studying with Amaya Gurpide first and then with Jordan Sokol. I have also studied at the BAA, at Sarum Studio with Antonio López, Golucho or Grzegorz Gwiazda, among others.

Santiago Pina


Santiago Pina is a professional artist, formed at Barcelona Academy of Art. He won a self-portrait contest at the Academy and participated in collective exhibitions with teachers and students.

Ann Tsybina


I was born in Russia in the city of Murmansk in 1996. In 2014, I became the student of the art lyceum in St. Petersburg and in 2017, I entered the world-famous painting faculty of Repin Imperial Academy of Arts. Studying there was challenging and interesting at the same time and gave me invaluable experience. Last year I gradated from the Academy with flying colours. Being a student, I practiced as a painting and drawing teacher, and now I continue to teach adults and children, both professionals and amateurs. When teaching, I always try to explain all the details of the process as well as to inspire creativity and interest to arts in my students. I believe in individual approach to every student and try to set more and more complex and interesting tasks in drawing and painting at every lesson. I absolutely love my work and I am happy to be the part of the Madrid Academy of Art team!

Portrait of Claudia - Santi Pina

Portrait of Katlego - Santi Pina

Still life - Santi Pina

Mastercopy - Santi Pina

Cast painting - Santi Pina

Arundells Gardens - Sandra Glez

Figure painting - Ann Tsybina

Figure drawing - Ann Tsybina

Figure drawing - Ann Tsybina

Self portrait - Sandra Glez

Figure drawing - Sandra Glez

Portrait painting from life - Ann Tsybina

Salisbury Cathedral painting - Sandra Glez

Landscape painting - Sandra Glez

Cast drawing - Santi Pina

Figure drawing - Ann Tsybina

Landscape painting - Sandra Glez

Mastercopy painting from Sorolla

Charles Bargue plate

Charles Bargue plate

Drawing from the life model

White chalk and charcoal on hand toned paper long pose

White chalk and charcoal on hand toned paper cast

Still life painting

Full palette long pose painting

Long pose mastercopy

Portrait painting from life

Figure painting from life

Figure drawing

Figure drawing

Figure drawing


Arundells Gardens

Figure drawing


Landscape painting

Landscape painting

Landscape painting

Outside the studio

Inside the studio

Inside the studio 2