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Program Director: Charles Miano


Journey Toward Mastery

Over the course of the last decade, Miano Academy of Art, under the guidance of Founder and Director Charles Miano, has developed a program of study unparalleled in the world of representational fine art. Its core principles evoke a time-honored tradition of drawing and painting, reminiscent of the great Renaissance Masters. These tenets include the love of beauty, capturing the spirit of humanism, the essence of nature, the energy of life and the application of fine craftsmanship.

The Academy's Atelier Apprenticeship is available to those who share a love for great art, who have a desire to reach a higher level of craftsmanship and who will devote necessary time to develop their skill slowly and thoroughly. It is a rigorous, four-level drawing and painting program designed for artists seeking professional level skills: Drawing (Levels 1 & 2) and Painting (Levels 3 & 4). While the program is appropriate for those seeking a professional career in fine art, skills acquired may also be applied in other professions, including but not limited to graphic design, illustration, and animation.

The Atelier Apprenticeship is a two-fold learning experience: practice and projects. At all levels of the program, students work from the live model for quick studies and long poses. In Levels 1 & 2, Apprentices use dry media; in Levels 3 & 4, Apprentices move to oil painting. Graduate Artists may apply to stay on as Journeymen for a Level 5 with a specialization in one of either of two electives: Narrative Composition or Alla Prima Painting.

When they complete the program, Apprentices can expect teaching opportunities, gallery representation and a professional level of skill in representational fine art.

Miano Academy of Art maintains a limited number of full-time apprentices. Full-time apprentices can expect to complete the program in approximately 4 years. In return, they can look forward to teaching opportunities, gallery representation and more importantly a professional level of skill in representational fine art. An Apprentice can join at any start date and share in this unique Renaissance-like experience accruing approximately 35-40 hours a week of studio time.

Atelier Apprentices have the unique advantage of studying color and light in a tropical paradise destination: Sarasota, Florida.  It is a beautiful, peaceful and sumptuous environment conducive to  concentration and growth. With the full and brilliant spectrum of expressive color in the ambiance around them, students are growing to see a whole new world of possibilities for their artistic journey. 

We believe that the surest way to improve one’s skill as an artist is through the process of consistent, specialized instruction over time, combined with dedication and a commitment to the tenets of Classical Art. Spaces are purposefully limited to ensure that the best instruction and individualized attention is given to each apprentice. Applications are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Visit our Website for more detail regarding our application process: MianoAcademy.org


Website https://mianoacademy.org/
Email info@mianoacademy.org
Founded 2007
Course languages (Check multiple if applicable) English
Part-Time Instructors 2
Full-Time Instructors 1
Students 45
Accommodation Yes

Full time: USD 3800 / semester

Miano Academy of Art

5320 Lena Rd

Bradenton, Florida, 34211, United States


Charles Miano

Founder and Director

Charles Miano (b. 1977) is an American Artist whose art explores humanistic values, based on a classic foundation and contemporary inspiration. Miano is recognized as a Master by the Art Renewal Center. He is the Founder and Director of Southern Atelier in Sarasota, Florida and an advocate of the revival of Classically Inspired Representational Art.

Through his atelier and as its “hands-on” director, Miano is widely recognized for his attentive, intensive teaching methods and generous support of emerging artists. There, he doggedly pursues in-depth, saturated studies in the tradition of the Old Masters. Miano also travels to teach workshops and lecture on realist art and his own artistic methods.

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