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Southern Atelier

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7226 21st St. E., Sarasota, Florida, United States

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Program Director: Charles Miano

For over a decade Southern Atelier has trained many successful Artists in the traditions of the Masters. Our ARC approved Method has achieved worldwide distinction not only for its intensive training but also for its uniqueness. In our training method, emphasis is placed on a direct manner of drawing and painting. Our Program teaches Old Master level drawing with “Light Effect” Color Painting. This rich renaissance tradition has often been embodied in different ways throughout Art history, in both “refined”, as well as “rough” painting styles.  We feel this heritage can ultimately bestow upon an artist, the competence to best realize their potential and open a connection to the unknown forces of art. From this program, One can be equipped to paint very finished and polished work or adopt a painterly, broader manner with expert accuracy.  It is a thorough and balanced approach to study that has yielded breathtaking results. Here you will find a Program designed not to create a style or “look” but to equip artists with a Foundation from which they can best express their individuality.


The Drawing course has been distinguished for its emphasis on imparting the ability to capture life and movement with precision. Beginning exercises start with both drawing from the flat and cast drawing (sight size measurement), as well as free hand drawing from life (Comparative measurement). Life drawing long and short poses keenly develop the eye and hand coordination necessary for artists to progress quickly in their agility and observational capability. Learning to portray life, energy, gesture, movement and calligraphy are  major distinguishing factors of the Southern Atelier program. Structure and anatomy are thoroughly investigated and a prime feature of this course. Great attention is given to each and every student.


The Painting course is built around a singular objective- Learning to see the “light effect” or the color of the light. This is achieved through rigorous painting exercises and Color and Light Labs which are offered on a regular basis. Both indoor and outdoor color study opens artists eyes not to copy another artists palette from the past, but to capture effects of nature, which is ultimately our greatest teacher.  Artists learn how to use a full palette of colors based on the prismatic spectrum of light. For some artists, color and light study, in itself, has become a motivating factor for creating art. It is a thrilling and exciting exploration into the spirit of light which is the manifestation of our visual environment.


New students are urged to spend a great deal of time with their drawing  projects until their level improves to make the transition to painting naturally and unaffected. Self- motivation, self-discipline and patience is needed on the part of the student in order to take best advantage of the course. In each class, Artists are expected to complete both short and long term projects which gradually build toward greater complexity. In some instances, curriculum is catered to the needs of the individual student.


Southern Atelier Artists have the unique advantage of studying color and light in a tropical paradise destination, Sarasota, Florida.  It is a beautiful, peaceful and sumptuous environment conducive to  concentration and growth. With the full and brilliant spectrum of expressive color in the ambiance around them, students are growing to see a whole new world of possibilities for their artistic journey. 




Founded 2007
Course languages English
Part-Time Instructors 3
Full-Time Instructors 2
Students 65
Accommodation Yes

Full time: USD 3800 / semester

Southern Atelier

7226 21st St. E.

Sarasota, Florida, United States

Reaching Man by Charles Miano

Festa della Ricchezza by Charles Miano

Study of Achilles by Charles Miano

Claudio, Charcoal on Paper by Charles Miano

Figure Study, Red Chalks on Paper by Charles Miano

Bianca, Charcoal on Paper by Charles Miano

Cavallo, Red Chalk Drawing by Charles Miano

Miano Atelier Apprentice Cast Painting

Cast Drawing

Cast Drawing

Old Master Copy Work

Old Master Copy Work

Student Master Copy

Apprentice Cast Drawing

Apprentice Bargue Copy

Apprentice Cast Drawing

Apprentices Portrait Drawing

Miano Atelier Apprenticeship- Master Copy

Steven Assael Teaches Figure Drawing

Charles Miano Life Drawing Demonstration

Kate Stone

Anatomy Study

Jove Wang

Steven Assael

Ecorche with Stephen Perkins

Dan Thompson teaching Head Structure

Life Exercise Grissaile Painting Instruction