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43 E. 200 S., Springville, Utah, United States

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Mission Statement: The ultimate goal of The Masters Academy of Art is to provide artists with an education that allows them to pursue and produce an art that serves the public, elevates society and reestablishes the standards of art as a visual language that can be understood and felt beyond any boundaries. It is our belief that craft precedes artistry, knowledge precedes inspiration, observation precedes invention and a process-based art always yields a higher standard of work.

The Masters Academy of Art Full Time Program:

The full-time program at the Masters Academy is designed to prepare students for a professional career as fine artists. The instructors at the Masters Academy are all accomplished working professionals passionate about helping aspiring artists in their efforts to achieve their goals.

All full time students start in the drawing program, which helps them develop proficiency by copying masterwork drawings and casts. After acquiring an understanding of drawing fundamentals students will enter our painting program where they will continue working from casts, then move on to still life and portraiture. Throughout the program students will also be working from a live model every day. Full-time students have 24 hour access to the studios and are asked to spend at least 6-8 hours per day working in the studio.

Students work at their own pace, though they should plan on 4-5 years to complete the entire program.
Semesters are 15 weeks long
Cost: $3000/semester

2017-2018 Full Time Program Schedule
Spring Semester: Jan. 9- Apr. 21, 2017
Summer Session: May 8- Aug. 18, 2017
Fall Semester: Sept. 18- Dec. 21, 2017
Spring Semester: Jan. 8- Apr. 20, 2018
Summer Session: May 7- Aug. 17, 2018

The Masters Academy of Art Part Time Classes:

Our part time classes are offered for those looking for a structured academic art education but may have limited time or a limited budget. Classes run monthly and students can enroll anytime. Each class has a size limit of 12-15 people. Availability is on a first come first served basis. Individual class descriptions, cost, and dates can be found at our website-

Copy Drawing Class
Cast Drawing Class
Extended Figure Drawing Course
Still Life Class
Anatomy for Portrait, Hand and Feet
Portrait Drawing and Painting
Composition for Painters
Figure Construction
Introduction to Oil Painting
High School Portrait Drawing
Youth Art Class

The Masters Academy of Art 2017 Workshop Schedule:

Workshops are offered to those looking to brush up on or learn new skills. They are open to anyone interested, but class sizes are limited to 12-15 people. Summer session workshops are four weeks each. Availability is on a first come first serve basis. Individual workshop descriptions, cost, and specific dates can be found at our website-

Summer Session Month Long Workshops
May- Painting the Figure in the Interior
June- Plein Air Landscape Painting
July- Museum Masterwork Copying

Course languages (Check multiple if applicable) English
Accommodation No

The Masters Academy of Art

43 E. 200 S.

Springville, Utah, 84663, United States

Vanessa - Academic Nude by Ryan S. Brown

The Young Art Historian by Ryan S. Brown

The Hope of The Penitent by Ryan S. Brown

Reclining Nude by Ryan S. Brown

Praying Angel by Ryan S. Brown

Portrait of Josh by Ryan S. Brown

Nestor by Ryan S. Brown

Fallen Birch by Ryan S. Brown

An Appreciation by Ryan S. Brown

The Fox Stole by Ryan S. Brown

Sonja by Ryan S. Brown

Emily by Ryan S. Brown

Hobble Creek Pool by Ryan S. Brown

Old Man Cast Painting by Katie Liddiard

Lauren by Katie Liddiard

Sunbright Sparrow by Katie Liddiard

Anatomical Man Cast by Brock Alius

Josh by Niki Covington

General Grant by Katie Liddiard

Winged Victory by Katie Liddiard

Figure Drawing by Katie Liddiard

Ben by Katie Liddiard

Ben by Emily Taylor

Portrait Sketch of Leah

A Child's Song by Brock Alius

Tuscan Villa by Shari King

Alex by Randy Peay

Julia by Emilae Belo

A Slight Breeze by Brock Alius

Purple and Orange by Brock Alius