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6520 5th Ave S, Seattle, United States

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The Georgetown Atelier is a classical drawing and painting program, which also recognizes the critical role that imaginative realism plays within the classics.

This program is taught by Tenaya Sims (ARC Salon Best in Show 2016 award), and program graduates Happy D. and Scott Allen.

At the Georgetown Atelier, students first learn core subjects, such as constructive anatomy, value studies, perspective, cast drawing, etc., working from observation. Then students learn how to extend beyond observation into the inventive. The 'Rock Project' is one such example of a bridge between the observational and the imaginative. Here, students first draw a rock from observation, and study its visual properties (planar vs. round, quality of texture, lighting, etc). Then students draw a rock from 'imagination', informed by their observational studies of the real rock.

The curriculum is divided into: Drawing, Painting I, Painting II, and Professional Development. This last pillar (Professional Development) is the culminating stage of the program, where students build a cohesive body of work under the mentorship of the instructors and cultivate their 'inner vision'.

Course languages (Check multiple if applicable) English
Part-Time Instructors 2
Full-Time Instructors 1
Students 17
Accommodation No

Full time: USD 9650 / year

Georgetown Atelier

6520 5th Ave S

Seattle, Washington, United States

Tenaya Sims

Founder of Georgetown Atelier, ARC International Salon Best in Show award 2016, Three time selected IX Mainshow artist, and has taught workshops in several states, as well as Montreal, Canada. 

Happy D.

Happy D. is an imaginative realism oil painter who is inspired by ethereal and feminine aesthetics. She was a self taught oil painter for 8 years and built her art career online, including the highly popular YouTube channel ‘Happy D. Artist’. While she had achieved a high level of success, and exhibited in galleries around the world, she found herself craving more professional art instruction in order to level up her skills; so she trained under Tenaya Sims at Georgetown Atelier in Seattle, where she now teaches.

Scott Allen

Scott Allen was trained first as a violin maker, and then in the restoration of antique instruments, and has been working as a luthier in Seattle since 2011. With a deep appreciation for time-honored techniques, and working traditions developed over hundreds of years, Scott firmly believes that everyone is capable of building exceptional artistic abilities, and is passionate about helping students who commit the time and effort required to do so. This mindset and dedication to craftsmanship allowed him to thrive as a student at Georgetown Atelier, setting new records of achievement before graduating in 2023.

Scott Allen

Scott Allen

Scott Allen

Scott Allen

Scott Allen

Happy D.

Happy D.

Happy D.

Happy D.

Happy D.

Semillas by Tenaya Sims

Tenaya Sims at work - Basin

Tenaya Sims a work - Anthesis

Tenaya Sims - Okinisnule

Tenaya Sims - Primarnis

Christopher Remmers in the studio

Christopher Remmers - Oracle

Christopher Remmers - Untitled

Christopher Remmers - Zain

Riley Doyle - Earl

Riley Doyle - Meridian

Riley Doyle - Valvoline

Tiffany Dae - From Above

Tiffany Dae - Sad Eyes

Tiffany Dae - Of Stars

Tiffany Dae - Burning

Danica Francian at Work

Scott Allen - Studio wall

Danica Francian

Clark Ocampo

Tim Krueger

Luke Ekblad

Brandy Agun - Cast Drawing Graphite

Heidi Aubrey - Skull Graphite

Misa Steinmetz

Miya Sukune

Misa Steinmetz 2

Ifat Glassman - Randy Portrait

Tim Krueger 2

Tiffany Dae

Christopher Remmers

Danica Francian

Class Lecture

Life Room

Holly at work

Graduation Show

Graduation Show - Upper Loft

Scott at work

Li at work

Jammy at work

Roland at work

Abiola at work

Neva at work

Tiffany at work

Brian at work

Ginger at work

Caleb at work