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415 South Main Street, Fort Worth, United States

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TAFA seeks to promote the advancement of figurative realism through sound academicinstruction based on the timeless principles of classical realism.


Texas Academy of Figurative Art is part of a growing movement of private ateliers whichoffer education and training that is anchored in the timeless traditions of realist art whilefully engaging in the contemporary realist movement. TAFA was founded in 2007 byRon A. Cheek to offer an alternative art education to the North Texas region. Our focusis specifically on education and training for artists who are interested in Classicallybased realism.

TAFA is the only academy of its kind in Texas that offers a progressive curriculum infigurative art - believing that visual art education should be built on a foundation ofsuperior drawing and painting skills. We hold to the belief that realistic figurative art isthe foundation from which to springboard into figurative compositions, still-life,portraiture, landscape and even non-representational art.


Our curriculum provides a clear progression and development for any artist interested inacademic realism. Progression through the curriculum is dependent on each student'smastery of the individual drawing and painting exercises. Students must demonstratemastery over one skill before advancing to the next.

Year 1: Students reconstruct Old Master drawings and work from the Charles BargueDrawing Course, then progress into drawing by direct observation from casts and figuredrawing (or life drawing) from models.

Year 2: Students draw from casts and also begin painting in grisaille during this year aswell as limited palette color studies, and continue drawing from the model.

Year 3: Still life painting and figure painting is introduced. The study of portraiturethrough drawing and painting will also be added to the students curriculum.

Year 4: The focus is on figurative composition, still life and portrait painting. In addition,the development of each student's individual body of work and thematic concentrationwill be emphasized to prepare them to exhibit professionally.

Please visit our website: www.tafastudio.org

Website http://www.tafastudio.org/
Email tafastudio@me.com
Course languages (Check multiple if applicable) English
Accommodation No

Texas Academy of Figurative Art

415 South Main Street

Fort Worth, Texas, 76104, United States


Woman with a Burden by Ron A Cheek

Doubt & Volition by Ron A Cheek

Vanity, Vanity by Ron A Cheek

Falling Man by Ron A. Cheek

Cast Drawing by Andrew Boatright

Cast Painting by Andrew Boatright

Louis by Ron A. Cheek

Cast Drawing by Dustin Stalewski

Prud'hon Copy by Gerry Matthews

Figure Drawing by Andrew Boatright

Bargue Drawing by Lynn Bostick

Prud'hon Copy by Katy Hamilton