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345 Quarry Rd., San Carlos, California, United States

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Mission Statement

BACAA offers weekly Art Classes, Workshops, Intensive Summer Programs, and Open Studios for artists of all abilities who desire to study drawing and painting in the tradition of Contemporary Classical Realism. We are located 30 minutes south of San Francisco in mid peninsula's beautiful town of San Carlos CA, County of San Mateo. The New BACAA studio has 50 ft wide north facing window and 20 ft high ceiling, which provide the ideal environment for classical study. Please visit the About us page for local accommodations and affordable housing. BACAA (Bay Area Classical Artist) on

Linda Dulaney, Founder of BACAA, is a lifelong artist who manifested her desire to bring a school to life in the San Francisco Bay Area, based on the ateliers of 19th century Paris. Starting in the mid 1990s, Linda developed a clear understanding of the style and type of instruction she wanted in an atelier.

Linda's teaching experience and artistry comes from years of study with some of the greatest realist artists. Her most influential teachers were Tony Ryder, Ted Seth Jacobs and Michael Grimaldi. Her passion is to teach each student so that they can to learn the principles of working from life. She is passionate and committed to teaching her students to see the beauty that is conveyed working from natural light. She relentless in furthering the students skills to develop their artwork by working from life. Her inspiration is to teach and discover the fascinating human structure form. She currently teaches the ongoing daytime classes at BACAA.


The classes at BACAA offer the opportunity for intensive study, working from nature. Students will learn techniques and process to see and work from life. The process includes structure, proportion and how to correctly block in the outside graphic shape, drawing the contour and modeling the form.

The techniques that Linda Dulaney teaches will help students develop their artwork, conveying the natural organic forms and science of light on the form. Students will have the opportunity to work methodically through a process to compare what they see and draw from nature.

Linda's teaching experience and artistry comes from years of study with some of the greatest realist artists. Her most influential teachers were Tony Ryder, Ted Seth Jacobs and Michael Grimaldi.

During the classes students have the opportunity to further develop their artwork by working from our beautiful cast collection and master copies. Students have the option to work independently to create a portfolio from the model in long pose.

We work from life, live models, drapery, casts, still life.
We do not use photographs as references in our sessions with exception to master copies.

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BACAA offers a variety of different Workshops and Intensive Progams.

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Course languages English
Accommodation No

Bay Area Classical Artist Atelier

345 Quarry Rd.

San Carlos, California, 94070, United States

Justine by Anthony J. Ryder

Ariadne by Ted Seth Jacobs

Heaven and Hell by Dan Thompson

Evan by Linda Dulaney

Figure Painting by Juliette Aristides

17 October 2019 to 21 October 2019

Still Life With Floral Accents Painting Workshop 5 Day Floral Painting Workshop

345 Quarry Rd, San Carlos, CA

780 USD

5 Day Floral Painting Worskhop 

In this 5-day class will focus on painting the floral still life in oils. Florals can be a daunting subject and we will try to make sense of the beautiful forms which have fascinated and frustrated artists for centuries. 

08 November 2019 to 10 November 2019

Justin Wood Still Life Workshop Still Life Alla Prima

345 Quarry Rd, San Carlos, CA

510 USD

This workshop is inspired by the Dutch Breakfast Still Life (Ontbijtjes). This type of still life painting developed in the 17th century and while the word “ontbijtjes” is Dutch for breakfast, it was more thought of as “a light meal taken at any time of day”.

10 June 2019 to 21 June 2019

The Buchanan Studio at BACAA Summer 2019 Florence Figure Workshop

293 Via Aretina, Firenze, Toscana

1875 USD

Students will travel to the world’s veritable birthplace of Art, to study figure painting and drawing from life, directly under master artist Noah Buchanan in the historic center of Florence, Italy.

23 July 2019 to 27 July 2019

Figure Drawing: Using Line to Build Form

345 Quarry Rd, San Carlos, CA 94070

750 USD

This workshop offers the artist a thorough study of both long and short pose drawing.  The long pose will give the student the opportunity to thoroughly study the objectives for each phase of the figure’s development, beginning with the ‘action’ and ending with the ‘modeling of form’.

29 July 2019 to 02 August 2019

Figure Drawing in Pencil Form, Light and Craft

345 Quarry Rd, San Carlos, CA 94070

850 USD

Art of Drawing
Drawing is an art that integrates and coordinates various ways of seeing. At the same time, it is something we do with pencil and paper. We make the mind into an instrument of attention, and then into several more, and then we teach them to play together while we lead the pencil about on the paper in a balletic movement. 

05 August 2019 to 16 August 2019

Figure Painting Workshop in oil Non-Symbolic Figure Painting

345 Quarry Rd, San Carlos, CA

1350 USD

Non-symbolic painting represents what we see with our eyes, not substituting ideograms, like present day ‘emojis’. In learning to paint non-symbolically we develop an understanding of the building blocks of visual experience: the form of things, and the light by means of which we see this form. We become aware of the fact that in all of nature in general, in particular the human figure,  there is a certain wonderfully beautiful kind of formal structure about which there has for centuries been a special knowledge and language.