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17 Lilla Norregatan, Simrishamn, Sweden

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The Swedish Academy of Realist Art (SARA), was founded in 2006 as Sweden's first school of fine art dedicated to traditional, representational drawing and painting. The highly specialized full-time education uses long established techniques from the past as well as contemporary methods to train students. Through a demanding three-year program, students acquire a range of skills that enable them to create personal, contemporary works of art displaying the same level of craftsmanship that meet the highest standards set centuries ago. These technical skills, along with practical business skills learned during their training, fully prepare them to launch careers as professional fine artists upon graduation, or if they choose, to work in a wide variety of creative industries that place a high value on those skills, such as concept art in the gaming and visual effects industries.

Students follow a carefully prescribed curriculum, but one that is flexible enough to be adjusted to each individual's personal needs. All the works that students produce at the school are artistic exercises designed to help them build and master specific, fundamental skills such as accurate drawing, correct values, edge quality and color.

Students receive daily, intensive, individual instruction, which often results in rapid student development. All students work in the same building so that beginning and advanced students interact and associate freely. The result is an overall atmosphere that is inspiring, encouraging and supportive.

SARA is an international school with students attending from around the world. The principal language of instruction is English.

SARA also offers summer workshops and evening classes. Visit our website for current information.

SARA was located in Stockholm for 9 years, until it relocated to the coastal town of Simrishamn. Simrishamn is situated on the east coast of the southern tip of Sweden in the region of Österlen. Österlen is famous for its natural beauty as well as its long established artistic culture and it boasts the highest density of working artists in northern Europe. The academy occupies an impressive, 19th century historic building located in the center of Simrishamn. Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark, is 2 hours from Simrishamn by train, and a ferry to Continental Europe is only 40 minutes away by train.

Please visit our website for detailed information about The Swedish Academy of Realist Art.

Founded 2006
Course languages (Check multiple if applicable) English
Part-Time Instructors 3
Full-Time Instructors 3
Students 35
Accommodation Yes

Full time: EUR 10100 / year

The Swedish Academy of Realist Art

17 Lilla Norregatan

Simrishamn, Skåne län, 272 31, Sweden

Fighting Back by Hans-Peter Szameit

The Parrot's Perch by Sanna Tomac

The Selki by Sanna Tomac

Invisible Bond by Sanna Tomac

Still Life with Celedon Bowl by Hans-Peter Szameit

A Thin Chain of Gold by Sanna Tomac

Still Life - Their Secret by Sanna Tomac

Sleeping Angel by Sanna Tomac

Portrait Drawing by Theodora Capat

Pencil Drawing by Miles Johnston

Painting by Miles Johnston

Painting by William Hägglund Andersson

Figure Study

Cast Painting

Cast Drawing

Figure Painting

Still Life with Shells

Still Life with Squirrel

Figure Drawing

Figure Painting

Figure Painting

Still Life with bread and wine

Still Life with skulls