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The Igor Babailov Institute of Realism

Brentwood, United States

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The schoolís level of instruction is designed for art professionals and art students. The institute offers several 3-day workshops during the academic year. The studies are based on working with live models. Highly individualized attention is given to the students so therefore the workshop sizes are kept to a minimum of 10 students.

The institute also features ìopen houseî days (to be announced), where attendees have an opportunity to watch Mr. Babailovís remarkable demonstration of painting a full of character portrait within three hours.

Many contemporary schools offer portrait and life drawing classes and the students enter these stages without having acquired a knowledge of anatomy, so they have been taught to draw the ìmaskî without knowing whatís underneath. At the institute, anatomy lessons are ever present and woven into the instruction so that the student incorporates this knowledge into their artistic skill.

The focus of studies is ìthe portraitî ñ the most complex and challenging form in realistic art, which is an ìessentialî for the strong artistic skill. According to I. Repin, ìIf you can draw a portrait, you can draw anything.î

Another characteristic feature of the instituteís studies is a concentration on developing and improving the skill of drawing, which is essential in the painting as well. That incorporates the knowledge of impeccable composition, perfect proportions, and the right perspective with the proper foreshortenings. And of course, the indispensable chiaroscuro.

The course of study will cover different aspects of fine art education, including mural painting, which is traditionally recognized as the highest achievement of the artistic expertise.

Mr. Babailov shares his knowledge and experience of working with a limited number of colors on his palette, just like the Old Masters did.
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The Igor Babailov Institute of Realism

Brentwood, United States

(615) 376-4858

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