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Bohemiarte School and Gallery


St.Francois-Xavier 465, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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BOHEMIARTE SCHOOL and GALLERY offers classical painting training, specifically the techniques from Renaissance through mid-19th century.
Mission: To preserve classical painting knowledge and to pass it to younger generations of painters and thus enable them to realize their artistic vision.

Courses include drawing, color theory, technique and technology and history of art. Respect and camaraderie is important.

  • Irena Korosec, Lucie Larose (classical techniques)
  • Jane Arnot-Kavanagh (drawing)

    Irena Korosec graduated from Academy of Visual Arts in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Sheís been teaching painting and drawing since 1989 (among others Saidye Bronfman School of Arts and Dawson College). In year 2000 she founded BOHEMIARTE with Lucie Larose, who also studied painting at Saidye Bronfman School of Arts and drawing at Dawson College and later joined Irena's studio sessions, first as a student, then a teacher.
    The school is located in Old Montreal, surrounded by beautiful architecture and many historic sites.

    For more information check our Homepage and contact us about specific courses, classes, portfolios etc. Note: for many classes there is a waiting period of several months to a year.
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    Contact phone 819 226 3110
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    Bohemiarte School and Gallery

    St.Francois-Xavier 465

    Montreal, Canada

    819 226 3110

    Eternity (Self-portrait as a Saint) by Irena Korosec

    Prophet by Lucie Larose