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Drawing and Painting Major

LCAD’s Fine Arts department presents entering students with an immersive artistic experience offering a robust foundation in representational drawing, painting and sculpture with an emphasis placed on academic figuration. Alongside building skills, our courses encourage experimentation with materials and exploration of individual ideas and interests to broaden students’ visual language, culminating in the development of a body of work that is authentic to each artist.

Figurative Sculpture Emphasis 

LCAD is unique in being one of only a handful of accredited colleges to offer courses in figurative sculpture that focus on classical techniques with an emphasis on narrative compositions.

As a student of LCAD’s Drawing + Painting major, you will have the option to pursue a degree with an emphasis in sculpture. The Sculpture Emphasis teaches technical rigor to produce ¼ life-size to monumental-sized sculptures that convey contemporary narrative themes including animal and fantasy sculpture. Our sculpture curriculum is based in classical techniques and will prepare you to enter the competitive field of sculpture by gaining commissions, exhibiting as a gallery artist, obtaining public grants, applying to residencies, or branching out into the entertainment and special effects industries.


Illustration Emphasis 

The Drawing + Painting with Illustration Emphasis zeroes in on the art world found at the intersection of fine arts and illustration to prepare you to work in both traditional and mixed media arts. The program’s curriculum will hone imaginative narratives with design-based aesthetics for commercial and non-commercial pursuits.

Students in this emphasis will take advantage of the same representational, skill based development of the Drawing and Painting major. Students will gain experience in exhibition, branding, and entrepreneurial skills that will help them to succeed as independent artists working in visual styles that reflect Imaginative Realism, Pop Surrealism, and Mural Arts. Students will have the opportunity to develop as mural artists and learn how to present their work and contributions to city planners, urban developers, and private owners who bring artistic works to large, public audiences on shared visual spaces.

Classes will consist of narrative and concept development, mixed media, taking work to print, mural arts, and artist branding. Professional practices will cover galleries, publications, and organizations that specialize in applied works.


Atelier Scholarship 

LCAD is where high value is placed on timeless skills.  All LCAD Approved Atelier students admitted to LCAD's BFA programs in Drawing & Painting are guaranteed at least $30,000 in scholarships. *Amount based on 4-year degree track, a minimum 2.0 GPA and enrolled in at least 9 units each semester. 12 units of transfers are accepted of atelier training based on contact hours. 


Drawing + Painting 

Drawing + Painting w/ Sculpture Emphasis 

Drawing + Painting w/ Illustration Emphasis






Study Abroad Programs / Aicad Mobility Program / Florence Academy of Art Summer Full Scholarship Program 

Founded 1961
Course languages (Check multiple if applicable) English
Accreditation BA, MA
BFA, MFA, Certificate, WASC/NASAD
Part-Time Instructors 12
Full-Time Instructors 4
Students 80
Accommodation Yes

Full time: USD 14750 / semester

Laguna College of Art + Design

2222 Laguna Canyon Rd

Laguna Beach, California, United States

Carl Dobsky

11th Annual ARC Salon Award Winner 

Richard Morris

Drawing + Painting Faculty

Hope Railey

Chair of Fine Arts

Chair of Fine Arts

Joseph Todorovitch

Full Time Assistant Professor

Painting + Drawing Faculty

Kenny Harris

Full Time Assistant Professor

Drawing + Painting Faculty

Brittany Ryan

Sculpture Faculty

Sculpture Faculty

F. Scott Hess

Faculty Drawing + Painting


Betty Shelton

Faculty Drawing + Painting 

Waking Dream by Richard Morris

Salvador Villagran

Kenny Harris

Portrait by Richard Morris

Student Sculpture by Julio Reyes

Wayfare by Nina Ulett

Floral by Miguel Gonzalez

Self Portrait by Miguel Gonzalez

Painting level 2 student

Group Figure Composition by Alex Wagg

Portrait of Morris by Aidan Barker-Hill

3/4 Life Sculpture by LinHui Ding

Figure Drawing by Aidan Barker-Hill

Portrait by Brianna Lee

Life Painting by Nina Ulett

Figure Drawing by junior, Hannah Tjia 2021

Portrait Painting junior, Hannah Tjia 2021

Charlie Goering - Senior Studio Shot

Sculpture Students with monumental sculpture project

2017 Study Abroad / Prague, Vienna, Dresden

F. Scott Hess working in studio

Senior at work in studio

Brittany Ryan chasing a sculpture

Visiting Artist Vincent Desiderio with F. Scott Hess


Musee d'Orsay Study Abroad

Justin Tecson at his Senior Exhibition

Chapman Hamborg painting plein air