Call for Enrolment - AdA Apprenticeship Program

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Call for Enrolment - AdA Apprenticeship Program

Published on March 1, 2023

The apprenticeship is based on drawing before approaching oil painting, and aims for a level of excellence in contemporary classical realist art. The support is individual, adjusted in consultation with the student according to their level. These apprenticeships are aimed at serious and motivated students who are aiming for a career as a professional artist.

The rigorous training is based on three-month internships, with renewable registration and with the possibility of following the complete AdA course over three years. Other artists occasionally intervene to teach. Students can stay on site.

Located in an idyllic hamlet, 1km from one of the most beautiful lakes in the regional natural park, the AdA school is a small colony of artists, studious, built around transmission, life, and shared development. 


CONTACT - Vissingy 58120 Chaumard, France