Richard Lack Video Published by SBA

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Richard Lack Video Published by SBA

Published on March 22, 2023

Skill-Based Art: A Learning Resource for Art Students & Artist-Teachers, founded and directed by Emilio Longo, have recently published a video which documents the late Minnesotan artist-teacher, Richard Lack, receiving a book of appreciation from his former students.  

Watching the video, insight is given into the impact that Mr. Lack had on disseminating academic drawing and painting instruction throughout the latter part of the 20th century in Minnesota. Through his combined efforts in teaching and his own painting, Mr. Lack has touched the lives of countless traditional painters around the world who came to adopt his style of realist painting which Mr. Lack termed “Classical Realism.”  

The video features footage of Mr. Lack receiving the book of appreciation whilst surrounded by several of his students. At the conclusion of the video, each page of the book is presented which includes a personal statement written by several of Mr. Lack’s past students and some examples of their paintings.  

The video can be viewed here: