Early Stella or Kindergarten Painting?

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Early Stella or Kindergarten Painting?

April 21, 2007

GoodArt post by Fred Ross:

When my son was 6 years old, his arts and crafts teacher in first grade had the children paint abstractly, and Gregory painted something that was rather colorful but as instructed, it was without form or meaning. He was proud of it at the time (He's 31 now) and he asked me to frame it nicely like all the paintings we had hanging in our home. I happened to have an antique expensive gold frame just the right size, and I framed and hung it in his bedroom in the back facing out so you could see it from the hallway.

About 3 months later, an art dealer who professed to love modern art, but who traded in the 19th century to "earn living", was in our house trying to sell me something. I gave him a tour of the collection and he clearly looked down his nose at all of the "sentimental" works from the 19th Century.

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