A Letter from Moscow

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A Letter from Moscow

June 14, 2009

Dear Mr. Ross

Few years ago I discovered ARC site and since then became an avid follower
of ARC ideas. Thank you very much for supporting the true ideals of the
classic art.

I'm an artist living in Moscow, Russia. My friends are mostly artists too
and I discovered that while many of them want to follow the classic art
ideals, almost no one knows that classic art is still popular and there is
even a market for it. Mass-media keep feeding us with stories about another
Pollock's bird-poop sold for millions or stupid installations winning the
so-called "modern art" competitions.

I'd like to promote ARC ideas in Russia - the homeland of the great classic
artists. There are quite a lot of modern painters here having one of the
best academic educations and it's a pity that art scouts largely ignore
them. Look for example at the beautiful painting attached to this email - I
believe that such artists deserve a lot more than brief expositions in
obscure Moscow galleries.

I would like to propose to open ARC site in Russian - be it artrenewal.ru or
as a part of artrenewal.org. This will help you and the Western public to discover
great unknown artists and will help great Russian artists to find a market for
their work. I know some folks who painted breathtaking academic stuff turned
to abstract "art" just to make a living...

I can translate everything (most important articles at first) into Russian.
Please let me know what you think about this.

Thank you very much for ARC site - it helped me a lot and I believe that if
it will be translated into other languages we united can kill the "modern
art" chimera.

Best regards,