Damien Bartoli has passed away.

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Damien Bartoli has passed away.

January 19, 2010

Damien Bartoli (1947 – 2009)

The Art Renewal Center® has some extremely sad news to report. Damien Bartoli, the Bouguereau biographer, who worked with ARC Chairman, Fred Ross M.A. and Dr. Vern Swanson to produce the first comprehensive Catalogue Raisonné on William Bouguereau passed away in mid-December.

Mr. Bartoli worked tirelessly on the Bouguereau Catalogue Raisonné project from the very beginning until last July, when content for the 30-year effort was handed over to our co publisher for final layout and printing.

He continued to work with Mr. Ross on other projects* until the day before he died, apparently from a heart attack while driving from Paris to Belgium.

We have lost a great friend and colleague. Our hearts go out to his wife, Martine and their two children, Xavier and Laetitia.

Sadly, as this publication is about to be realized, he will never see the fruits of his life's most important work.
We are all heart broken beyond words.
--ARC Chairman, Fred Ross

*Their latest collaboration: an in-depth analysis of Bouguereau's drawings and studies as well as the extended legacy of his students who became famous in their own right. (see: list of Bouguereau's students in the Bouguereau gallery ).