Dahesh Museum Exhibits at Christie's NY

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Dahesh Museum Exhibits at Christie's NY

March 19, 2013

Encountering the Orient: Masterworks from the Dahesh Museum of Art will run from March 27 to April 15, 2013.

This exhibition re-examines 19th-century European Orientalism to give a fuller understanding of Orientalism and the artists who practiced it. Drawn from the Dahesh Museum of Art's collection, it features 30 paintings, sculptures, and illustrated books by well-known artists, such as Rudolf Ernst, Ludwig Deutsch, Gustav Bauernfeind and Frederick Arthur Bridgman, and lesser known masters such as José Tapiró y Baró. Themes include: Western fascination with ancient Egypt, Islamic architecture and design, ethnography, biblical history, and scenes, daily life, real and imagined, including the harem.

Christie's New York - 200 Rockefeller Center, New York, NY

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The Ruins of the Temple at Luxor
by Joseph Farquharson

Cleopatra on the Terraces of Philae
by Frederick Arthur Bridgman