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New ARC Associate Living Master™ Dario Campanile

November 12, 2013

Pears in Plastic
by Dario Campanile
Born April 21, 1948 in Rome, Italy. Dario started painting in oil at age 14. He spent time concentrating on painting in classical style influenced by Caravaraggio and other great Italian Masters. He decided to experiment and continue discovering his own techniques. At age 18 he met the Italian master of metaphysical art, Giorgio de Chirico. By age 19, Dario Campanile started showing his art in a gallery in Rome called Galleria Esedera.
In 1973 Dario Campanile decided to move to California after being invited for a one man show at the Acosta Gallery in Beverly Hills which was very successful. He experienced great success by accepting commissions for album and book covers for distinguished artists. In 1986, he was chosen to create the 75th Anniversary logo for Paramount Studios. His beautiful design of the famous mountain scene is seen in every Paramount publication today.

Dario continues to exhibit his art at various galleries within the United States and presently resides in Maui, Hawaii.

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