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January 7, 2014

The Society of Animal Artists was formed in 1960 by Patricia Allen Bott and Guido Borghi following a successful exhibition at the Bronx Zoo titled, appropriately, 'Animals in the Bronx Zoo'.

Almost Home by Gary Staab
It is the mission of the Society of Animal Artists to promote excellence in the portrayal of domesticated and wild animals in art. While the majority of their members support both humane and conservation causes with their work, the SAA is itself more dedicated to encouraging artists to strive for mastery of their art medium and educating the public to the fact that animal art can truly be considered Fine Art.
This mission is supported by their annual exhibition, 'Art and the Animal', which opens each year at a fine museum somewhere in the country...and is followed by a tour of approximately one half of the works to three additional museums during the next nine months. A full color catalog of this exhibition is produced each year and is available for purchase at all venues and through the SAA office. In addition, their opening exhibition is often complimented by demonstrations, seminars, and lectures by the members.

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