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September 23, 2014

Vala Ola with Lost Tribes Monument

Clear Vision Monument
ARC Living Master™, Vala Ola, has created two monuments that will be displayed in the Rocky Mountains in Avon, Colorado.

About the monument “Lost Tribes” Vala stated: “Lost Tribes represents all the Native American tribes lost to the past. The rich history and tradition of the native peoples of America adds a beautiful layer to this land. Illnesses brought from Europe and warfare sadly caused some of the native tribes to be lost forever. This work of art honors those lost to us. She is strong yet apprehensively looking towards the future.”

Of “Clear Vision”, which is the second monument, Vala says: “Clear Vision is a Native American woman who has a sense of the future to come. By her feet is a quartz rattle that light up in the dark when shaken. It symbolizes for me her light from within and her calling on the greater light of all…She knows the road less traveled”.