DVI Educator's Workshops, Seattle, Washington

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DVI Educator's Workshops, Seattle, Washington

September 24, 2014

Register now for DVI workshops this winter. Each workshop is geared towards art educators and will be held at Gage Academy, home of the Juliette Aristides Atelier, in Seattle, Washington. The first workshop, Perspective for Art Educators, which runs two days, February 28th & March 1st, begins by introducing simplified perspective lessons for elementary students and then quickly builds skills throughout middle school lesson plans. The workshop finishes with advanced perspective for high school students. Complicated perspective problems will also be introduced to improve each teachers’ own skill level with perspective. To register, click here.

In the second workshop, Portrait Drawing for Art Teachers, participants will learn how to set up and light a model using classical composition principles. Then, students will draw portraits from life by applying traditional block-in and shading techniques. Throughout the workshop an emphasis will be placed on how to break each skill into lesson plans for use in teachers’ home classrooms. This course will run March 7th and 8th. To register, click here.

Both courses are 12 clock hours.

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