Huffington Post Features The Florence Academy of Art

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Huffington Post Features The Florence Academy of Art

September 30, 2014

Representational Painter and Journalist, Brandon Kralik, writes about The Florence Academy of Art's new U.S. Campus in his featured blog on the Huffington Post. Kralik speaks with the Florence Academy's founder, Daniel Graves, and painter and director of the new campus, Jordan Sokol, and touches on several provocative topics like the relationship of technique and philosophy as well as the presence of a classical atelier like the Florence Academy within Mana Contemporary.

Graves says, "One doesn't just begin by writing poetry. One must start with words and sentences and develop the terminology first and then write the poem. The time that one takes with a painting is the meditation on the subject and that whole time spent is absolutely critical..."

Advanced Painting Project, Florence studio
Kralik muses, "It will be interesting to see how FAA fits into this modern environment..."

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