Patrick Devonas Creating Monument

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Patrick Devonas Creating Monument

November 6, 2014

ARC Living Master™ Patrick Devonas is creating the first figurative monument dedicated to the victims of the witch burnings that occurred throughout Europe from the 15th to the 17th centuries.

The monument tells the story of Katharina Schmidlin, an 11 year old girl who said that she could make living birds out of clay, which resulted in her execution for witchcraft in 1652 in Lucerne, Switzerland.

About the monument, Patrick said, "To this day, women and children suffer most due to the all to common power hungry activities across the globe. This monument is meant to stand as a beacon of hope, that in the face of the most vile abuses, healing is possible for both victims and perpetrators.

Every human being has a little Katharina inside who was wronged at some point. The question is whether a person will fall prey to anger/ depression or find a transcending healing power. I think there are no recipes for healing, but a collective hope for it can help individuals find a unique path in the direction of personal healing and dignity."

Bronze prototype for the Katharina monument by Patrick Devonas