3 New Works Added to MEAM Exhibition

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3 New Works Added to MEAM Exhibition

August 21, 2015

Three new works have been added to the list of paintings to be exhibited in the traveling exhibition for the 2014/2015 ARC Salon. Today we are adding the Most Ambitious Runner Up, The Scrum, by Christopher Pothier, and two Honorable Mentions, one from the Still Life Category, The Fat of The Land, by David Cheifetz, and one from the Landscape Category, Forgiveness, by Ken Salaz.
"In my painting of Forgiveness, the landscapes, which fill our world and eyes, can be perfect reflections of our inner psychology. This painting was created from studies during a violent storm off the coast of Connecticut. I painted on the shore, almost being blown away myself by the tempest. Just when I was getting ready to pack up and call it quits; the sun broke through the thick clouds and infused the whole world below with light. In many ways, that is the experience of forgiveness, when it comes, or is given, light is shone upon those standing below and the storm that rages in our hearts is quieted."

- Ken Salaz

To view newly added write-ups on these works, please visit the page we've created for the exhibition by clicking here.