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August 27, 2015

Recently, we received a letter from an aspiring artist:

I am wondering if the Classical Realism Journal is still being published? I am retiring on August 26, and I am going to start painting again. I have always loved realism; it talks to me. I took drawing and painting classes in high school and college, but I was never taught anything about fat over lean or glazing, for example. I was taught only the wet on wet method of painting, and frequently the instructor would comment "try to be more abstract". I have been reading everything I can, as I am going to have to learn on my own. From the examples I have seen of the Classical Realism Journal, it seems like it would be very helpful, and I would love to subscribe to it. Thank you.

Suzanne Newberry
We are republishing the full series in the months to come. To read articles from the first issue of the Classical Realism Journal on ARC, please click here.

The Epoch Times has recently published and translated into Chinese the first article of the Classical Realism Journal on their website.

To read or view the article on the Epoch Times website in Chinese, please visit the following links: