Five New Works Added for Live ARC Salon

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Five New Works Added for Live ARC Salon

October 16, 2015

Five new works have been added to the list of paintings to be exhibited in the traveling exhibition for the 2014/2015 ARC Salon. The newest additions are Victoria Steel's First Place Drawing winner, an Honorable Mention in the Still Life Category by Vince Natale, an Honorable Mention in the Animal Category by Radoslav Kirilov Vasilev, Best Social Commentary Runner-Up by ARC Living Master™ Han Wu Shen and a Figurative finalist work by ARC Living Master™ Tony Pro.

"I was inspired by Hans Christian Anderson's original tale of The Little Mermaid. Most know the story to have a happy ending. However, in the classic tale, the heroine realizes that by the end of her allotted time on earth, she cannot get the prince to fall in love with her. Her sisters barter with the antagonist (the sea witch) and are given a dagger that the little mermaid must slay the prince with, which will allow the mermaid to live on. Instead of doing this, the mermaid throws herself into the water and dissolves into sea foam. Her new found soul does not fade, but rather becomes an air wraith that is promised to heaven. Anderson's tale paints the heroine as a more beautiful, more innocent soul- untouched by jealousy and emitting a love more pure than the will to survive. ..."

-Victoria Steel
We have received a number of requests from artists who have been asked to participate in the live exhibition if we will provide an opportunity for them to sell their paintings. Because of this we have decided to do so. Many of the works on exhibit are also available for sale, a full list of these works can be found at the below link.
Of Earth, Heaven, and Sea
by Victoria Steel
To view newly added write-ups on these works and to see which pieces are available to purchase, please visit the page we've created for the exhibition by clicking here.