Six New Works Added to ARC Live Salon

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Six New Works Added to ARC Live Salon

October 23, 2015

Today we are adding an Honorable Mention in the Still Life Category by Richard Hall, two Honorable Mentions in the Drawing Category by Stephen Bauman and Albert Ramos Cortes, a Rehs Award Finalist by Lacey Lewis, a Knohl Collection Award by Christina Mastrangelo, and a Chairman's Choice Award by Theresa Elliot.

Minotaur (Part I)
by Albert Ramos Cortes
"Entering a labyrinth can be a deliberate choice. Often times it is a random event and it occurs every second of every day of everyone's life. This first part of my diptych 'Minotaur' depicts the former, the heroic act of crossing a new and unknown threshold knowing that one might get lost with a monster waiting patiently in the dark.

This painting is about me and also about you. It is about daily struggles and colossal endeavors. It is about honoring the most sacred of all the journeys: the journey to become a Hero. All my current work is about this one big journey, its challenges and the solutions to them."

- Albert Ramos Cortes

We have received a number of requests from artists who have been asked to participate in the live exhibition if we will provide an opportunity for them to sell their paintings. Because of this we have decided to do so. Many of the works on exhibit are also available for sale, a full list of these works can be found at the below link.

To view newly added write-ups on these works and to see which pieces are available to purchase, please visit the page we've created for the exhibition by clicking here.