Thérèse Schwartze, Painting for a Living

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Thérèse Schwartze, Painting for a Living

July 26, 2017

Portrait of Princess Wilhelmina
by Theresa Schwartze
This lecture and book presentation marks the recent publication of the first English-language monograph on the Dutch artist Thérèse Schwartze, written and published by Cora Hollema.

The Amsterdam artist Thérèse Schwartze (1851-1918) was a celebrated portraitist in her lifetime, who depicted the rich and powerful of the 19th-century. She combined great talent and technical expertise with a superb head for business that propelled her to an international reputation, with countless exhibitions and commissions throughout Europe and the United States.
The lecture will take place at Arti et Amicitiae, Rokin 112, Amsterdam, The Netherlands on Friday September 22, 2017 from 5-6pm.

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