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New Article on ARC

Published on August 12, 2018

How Artists Can Begin Selling More Artwork is a book review of Eric Rhoads’ book Make More Money Selling Your Art, written by Kara Lysandra Ross, ARC Co-Chair and Chief Operating Officer. Eric Rhoads is an artist and a career entrepreneur, with 30 years’ experience of launching companies and media brands, creating startups, and building businesses. He is known to the ARC viewership as being Chairman of the board of Streamline Publishing, Inc, which produces such publications as Fine Art Connoisseur magazine, PleinAir Magazine, and Streamline Art Video, as well as hosts events such as the Plein Air Convention and Expo and the Figurative Art Convention and Expo.

“Considering that there are so many purely conceptual artists out there somehow hitting it big and making a name for themselves without the technical skills to back it up, one has to conclude that there is another factor at play. Many people think it is all about who you know and what connections you have. Although these things can and do help, a lot of what makes an artist successful financially and enables them to sell their works has a lot to do with how they present themselves and their work. In short how they market themselves and their work to the public and the powers that be. When it comes to being financially successful as an artist, painting, sculpting or drawing amazing works is not enough, because if you don't get your works out there for people to see, no one will know about you. In Eric Rhoads book, Make More Money Selling Your Art, he addresses this concept and how to market oneself as an artist in a systematic way to make it easy for artists to understand how to market themselves and their work.”

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