"A Brush with HerStory" Paintings by Gabriela Gonzalez Dellosso

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"A Brush with HerStory" Paintings by Gabriela Gonzalez Dellosso

Published on December 17, 2019

ARC Living Master Gabriela Gonzalez Dellosso is a premier portrait artist whose art historical knowledge is surpassed only by the skill of her brushwork. This exhibition features Dellosso’s tribute paintings to great but often-overlooked female masters of the past. Looking at women artists from the Renaissance through the modern era, these exquisite academically-rendered paintings are based on in-depth study of artists including Genevieve Estelle Jones, Angelica Kauffman, Sofonisba Anguissola, Remedios Varo, and Sophie Gengembre Anderson. Sadly, these masters have never become mainstream names in the history of art, but they and their stories resonate deeply with Dellosso, who reaffirms their rightful places in art history through her exquisite old master-style paintings.

The exhibition runs form December 14, 2019 - April 12, 2020 at Polk Museum of Art at Florida Southern College, 800 Palmetto Street, Lakeland, FL 33801.

To learn more, please visit https://polkmuseumofart.org/exhibitions/dellosso.