Goddesses and Warriors Show

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Goddesses and Warriors Show

05 November, 2021 to 17 December, 2021

Pacific Grove Art Center
568 Lighthouse Ave, Pacific Grove, CA

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There was a time in history where matriarchal society was common, and female deities were worshipped widely. As larger nations and feudal systems emerged, patriarchal society became more dominant worldwide and the female voice was diminished, if not extinguished. 
2020 marks the 100th anniversary of the passage of the 19th Constitutional amendment in the U.S. allowing women to vote. Only 50 years ago women were not allowed to serve on a jury, practice law, get easy access to contraception, run the Boston Marathon, take a stand against sexual harassment, or keep their job when they become pregnant. We owe it to the first brave and passionate woman who challenged what was thought to be prohibited, impossible, or inaccessible and opened the door for the rest of us in each field…the first Nobel Prize winner, Supreme Court Justice, astronaut, NASCAR driver, Marine, congresswoman are examples. We have come a long way, but we have more work to do.
Presently we are witnessing further evolution and breakthroughs. More women; from teenage activists to world leaders, standing up, speaking up, fighting for and defending our rights, life, and the future of the planet. 
Let us celebrate our accomplishments thus far, but continue making the world a better, safer, more accepting, and respectful place for everyone, where there will be no gender, racial, or economic inequality.  
This show “Goddesses and Warriors” is dedicated to all women (and the men who support them). The models are from diverse backgrounds from the U.S., Japan, South Pacific, Indonesia, etc. Let these figures be the reminders of our inner goodness, beauty, strength, wisdom, and life force. I hope you find the goddess and warrior within you and use your power to change the world around you with your love and courage. 

Each painting is accompanied by a haiku created by the artist and also her friend poet.