3 Months Drawing & Painting Program

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3 Months Drawing & Painting Program

10 April, 2023 to 24 June, 2023

EUR 1785

Madrid Academy of Art
Avenida Manotera 22, local 67, Madrid, Madrid 28050

I want to share with you our new program: Intensive Drawing and Painting


It is a different program than the ones you know. Unlike the previous ones, in this case it is a intensive program, for those who are interested in improving fast (in 3 months) their figure drawing and painting skills through the Sight-Size methodology.


We are going to select 15 candidates and we are going to work hand to hand with them for 3 months, going through different drawing and painting projects.


The goal is to make sure you develop fast your drawing and painting skills, regardless of your level of experience.


We are not looking for a special profile. In fact, we are looking for people with different backgrounds: professional artists, amateurs, beginning artists...


The price of the program is €595/month (€1785 in total).


Do you dare to be part? Click on the link below and leave your details.