First Brush of Spring

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First Brush of Spring

23 April, 2018 to 26 April, 2018

USD 575

New Harmony Hoosier Salon
New Harmony, IN


A collaboration between the New Harmony Hoosier Salon and the Indiana Plein Air Painters Association (IPAPA)

This class will be valuable for the artist that wants to create beautiful studio paintings using the information that is gathered on location. The information gathered will include your plein air sketches, photographs, drawings and notes. 

You will have two days of painting on location with instruction on how to create a good composition, capture correct value and how to gather information important to take back to the studio. Following that there will be two days in the studio using the information you gathered outside. Roger will show you how to use that information and expand on it to create studio paintings. You will learn studio techniques that will give your work another push towards excellence.

Skill Level - Intermediate thru Advanced

To enroll, contact Maggie Rapp at or 812-459-9851