Introduction to Limited Palette Painting

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Introduction to Limited Palette Painting

13 January, 2019 to 24 March, 2019

GBP 425

LARA London
371 Clapham Rd, London, England SW9 9BT

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In this five to ten week course, you will be introduced to the challenging medium of oil paint through the most fundamentally important exercise there is: the alla prima colour study.

There are four limited colour palettes that you will be introduced to, and you will tackle a single limited palette over a five week period.

If you are a beginner this course will bridge the gap between drawing and painting and for the more advanced student it will awaken a fuller understanding of how to tackle painting from life.

We recommend you complete two terms (twenty Sundays) to achieve a good understanding of the hierarchy and importance of each aspect of colour and how to use this in your own work. You will learn which aspects of colour to prioritise to get you the most effective results.

This course will not be taught using the sight-size technique.

You are welcome to repeat any palette until the main ideas are mastered.

Course layout

Week 1 – Introduction to the new palette – painting from simple still life
Week 2 – Demo in the morning – simple colour study from life
Week 3 – Palette study for the day from life
Week 4 – Palette study for the day from life
Week 5 – Palette study for the day from life

If you book onto 8 flexible sessions, please ensure you are able to attend for the first and the sixth sessions of the term, so that you can be introduced to your new palettes (except if you are planning to repeat a palette.)

You will learn

The four core learning limited palettes taught on the LARA Curriculum and why they are built the way they are.

  • Colour theory: the Munsell colour system and its relevance to representational painting
  • The hierarchy of colour effects and how to approach painting efficiently and effectively
  • The idea and importance of value and its importance in depicting reality
  • The idea of colour temperature and how we can use it to craft powerful colour relationships
  • Skin tones and their relationship to colour harmony
  • Alla prima brushwork and how to manipulate paint efficiently and effectively wet into wet
  • This workshop will focus on providing students with the necessary tools to tackle any colour problem presented to them, and to design an appropriate palette

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